Saturday, May 13, 2006


Just in case you're looking forward to reading the second half of Tokyo 2006 series, I apologize for not updating for ages. Ever since I came back to London, I've been doing research almost everyday. I'm already about to finish my fourth year in PhD. The current research project, which began only a month ago, can turn into a paper with which I go on the job market this fall. My supervisor told me to write up a draft by the end of June. I'm trying to do this by the end of this month as the deadline for submitting a paper to the NEUDC Conference at Cornell University this September is 31st May.

So all I can think of these days is research and what to cook for tomorrow's dinner at home (for a good meal, preparation on the previous day such as defrosting meat in the fridge overnight is important). No time for blogging. I hate this. Everytime I enjoy a great trip, I can't write everything down on the blog (see the never-finished Syria 2005)... And I forget what I did, felt, and thought bit by bit. I wish I could write a blog during my journey between my home and school.

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