Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tokyo 2006 Part IV: Kamuro eyeglass workshop

Bought a pair of glasses at Kamuro Megane Kobou (Kamuro Eyeglass Workshop) in Ginza. This shop, recommended by my hairstylist Yumiko-san, has got a wide range of stylish eyeglass frames. Each shop attendant is an eyeglass craftsman, so you can also order a tailor-made frame here.

This is the first time to wear a pair of glasses. I had absolutely no idea what kind of eyeglass frame would fit me. A shop attendant suggested several frames. When I tried on one by one, he took a digital photo shot so I could compare at most four faces of mine with different pairs of glasses on a computer screen. This helped me a lot, and about half an hour later I found a pair of glasses I liked. I gave him a prescription obtained from an eye doctor yesterday, and he cut lenses in the workshop next to the shop within the next 15 minutes. How efficient the whole process was. I was impressed.

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