Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Paris Metro

Compared to London Underground, Paris metro is much, much more pleasant to use. Although I was stuck in a Ligna 1 train carriage not moving for 15 mintues - I think I was very unfortunate; why on earth did I need to go through this typical London experience even in Paris? - the design of train carriages and stations looked better. Paris metro trains do not decorate too much. Inside the carriage everything is basically silver. Outside the carriage they use pale colors to decorate. London Underground trains are painted in vivid colors like red and blue outside and for grab bars inside, which sometimes causes me a headache. Station platforms are clean and well-designed - some of which I even took a photo of. The space inside carriages is wider, the noise kept to a minimum. It's much closer to Tokyo's subway, but even better because Paris metro keeps advertisement to a minimum while Tokyo's is extensively decorated with ad posters.

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