Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Drum & bass meets live drums

This week BBC 1Xtra, a digital radio station specializing in urban music, features XTRABASS06 - everyday at midnight it broadcasts drum & bass club nights live for two hours. The first 1 hour of last night's show was awesome. L Double, a drum & bass DJ who has a regular show on 1Xtra, plays his dj set with Jungle Drummer, probably the world's only drummer playing drum & bass. Drum & bass is a digital music - all sound is created by computers. But when it meets live drum sound, voila, the vibe is totally different. Check this out! (Skip the first few minutes and ignore the last 50 minutes or so where Scratch Perverts play their lost-in-focus mediocre DJ set)

By the way, I went to Paris last week for just two days. Below you can see photos and so forth.

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