Saturday, February 04, 2006

Italian guys

I always envy Italian guys. When they see a good-looking girl, they shamelessly approach her and start talking to her until they understand she's not much into talking to them. I can't do this. The extent that I can't do this is increasing with the degree to which this girl is good-looking.

This good-looking-ness thing always bugs me. It's an undeniable truth that talking to a good-looking girl itself is enjoyable for men (and probably even for women) because she entertains you by her appearance, if not by the content of conversations. This often obscures an obvious fact that you want to talk to someone with whom you can strike an interesting chat; even if you don't really enjoy what you are talking to a good-looking girl, you still want to talk to her because she's good-looking.

This annoys me.

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