Monday, February 13, 2006

Baron 'At The Drive In' (Breakbeat Kaos)

Listen to this week's drum & bass chart no.1 tune!

If you like trippy house/trance music, you're gonna like it. What a beautiful track.

The producer of this track, Baron, emerged in the drum & bass scene last year. No one in the mainstream music scene notices this, but drum & bass has been constantly pumping out new amazing talents during the past few years. You may remember the names like Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Goldie, Adam F, DJ Hype, DJ Zinc. But they are not in the centre of the scene anymore. Instead of pumping out uncreative tracks only taking advantage of their celebrity status, these old names are now busy discovering new talents. Drum & bass music scene is very healthy in this sense right now, unlike some pop music scenes.

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ykimura said...

I like this sound!