Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mikami Chisako

Maybe I can sometimes introduce Japanese pop music to the reader of this blog.

Mikami Chisako (her offical website is unfortunately all in Japanese, but you can still enjoy photo gallery etc.) is definitely not a household name in Japan, but I think she represents a kind of Japanese-ness that Westerners increasingly appreciate these days. Soundwise, those who like British music probably like her music. Her music videos are art-house-ish, a bit underground, though. Check out her music videos (click links to play videos with your Windows Media Player):

Sou Tai Kei (meaning relative form - but "Sou Tai" can be read as "Aitai (I miss you)", which is endlessly repeated in the song)


Fundamental (version 1)

Fundamental (version 2)

Viva la Revolucion

I still remember when I first saw her on television. I thought she was my ideal person. :) That's not true any more, but I still feel some kind of sympathy with her. Maybe I plainly like her skinny, fragile, and sensitive (but aggressive and dangerous at the same time) appearance mixed perfectly with her music.


Eik said...

Hey Masa,

This may be a little out of point, but on the topic of Japanese music, I've been searching high and low for the soundtrack of the Jap movie "Be With You" - Takeuchi Yuko, Nakamura Shido, Takei Akashi. Do you know where and how I can buy it online? =p

Masayuki said...

Hi Eik. I think this is the one you are looking for:
This is website. Click "Display in English" and then click "Add to Shopping Cart". Then the following instructions are in English.

I didn't know this movie, but it seems it was quite big last year in Japan...

The Japanese official website of this film is:
It's all in Japanese, but maybe you can still enjoy it.


eik said...

Wow! Thanks a lot... wouldnt have found this on my own!

Hey by the way, I found that Besley will be coming over to Toronto to present a seminar next March. I'm really excited!