Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Econometric analysis of econ PhD graduates

Today's Labour Markets Workshop at LSE was quite interesting. The main finding of the paper presented is that economics PhD graduates get a better job in booming years (years with more job offers and/or favourable macroeconomic conditions) and that those students who got a better initial placement are more productive in research outputs for the first 12 years of their career. (If you're interested, have a look at the paper. Especially, read the acknowledgement on the first page. The last sentence indicates the author, Paul Oyer, is quite funny a guy.)

In the paper, the economics department ranking data at econphd.net (see my post on 23th June) is extensively used. The speaker said this ranking was great because it also ranked non-academic research institutions (e.g. the World Bank), which is important for his research purpose as not every economics PhD graduates became professors.


Anonymous said...

Wow Blogger saw a page at SchoolBuddies.com. that talked about Class Reunions that sent me here. Not sure if you traded links or not? So how long have you been running your own site? ttyl Dave

Anonymous said...

Hey. Saw your site listed in Econometric analysis of econ PhD graduates and also found it in a page at SchoolBuddies.com. that led me here. I think it was about class mates. Don't know who listed it. Oh well. TTYL