Monday, October 03, 2005

Academic Year 2005/6 Begins

A new academic year begins, after the whole summer of unproductive research of mine. (It was not that I was lazy. I mean that returns to efforts I put into my research were very low.)

The Department of Economics at LSE runs EC501 Work-in-progress Seminar - the seminar where PhD students have to make presentations on their research - separately in several fields of specialization (see here for the list of fields). This year development economics (called Development & Growth) and public economics are separated, which is a good thing as last year there were so many PhD students in the combined field so not every student could present their work. (But these separated two seminars are scheduled at the same time, which is inconvenient for those interested in both.)

The Development & Growth PhD seminar takes place in Monday lunchtime. Today, after we go through guidelines for presentation (which could be useful for any econ PhD students), presentation slots are allocated among us. Higher-year students are required to present first. So my slot is 14th November even though at the present moment I don't have anything to talk about...

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