Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Night of True Playaz at Fabric

So I went to Fabric last night. Going to Fabric seems to give people an impression of hard-core nightclubbing. They don't understand. Going to Fabric means getting exposed to the world's best sound system.

I finally discovered the best place to enjoy this high-quality sound in Fabric: the upstair balcony of Room 1. Fabric has three dancefloors. Soundwise, the best one is Room 1 (the worst is Room 2, where high-pitched sound is squeaking; Room 3's soundsystem seems to have been renovated - its bass sound is better than before). But the downstair dancefloor of Room 1 has some drawbacks: it's so ram-packed you can hardly move your body at will; bottles of beer are scattered around on the floor; some parts of the floor are wet and slippery (due to beer spilt out of the bottles), making it hard to dance; those who seem to be on drugs keep dancing as if they were alone, shoving people around them; and finally the MC's microphone sometimes causes feedback. These things had kept me away from Fabric for a year.

But in the upstair balcony, all these problems are solved. Surprisingly fewer people - and they are much nicer than those downstairs - dance here, and the acoustics is much, much better. I was listening to - and dancing to - DJ Hype's wicked 2 hour set (his impromptu mix of Pendulum's 'Masochist' is just incredible - he's been doing this since a few months ago, but now it's reached perfection) and A.I.'s liquid funk set (their new approach to drum & bass production - the combination of rather simple rhythm patterns and very fat low bass line - permeates their djing style as well) from 1 to 4am. I felt enormously happy. One of the happiest moments in my life. Although I was tired (see yesterday's post), I kept dancing without interruption. Although I felt hungry around 3am, I couldn't leave the place.

I went to Fabric with Daiten-san, a Japanese guy who got into drum & bass after starting living here in London three months ago. We met for the first time - Yumiko-san introduced him to me by giving us each other's email address. He's a nice guy. If you're a Japanese speaker, check out his blog. It's ridiculously funny, like a story of mushrooms budding in his bathroom. :)

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