Monday, April 04, 2005


I cancelled the conference presentation at SMYE2005. The monetary cost of doing this: 40 euro for conference registration fee already paid and 13 pounds for The Rough Guide Switzerland (I didn't buy one online).

My supervisor's advice was two-fold.

Number one: Never present what you're not convinced about.
Otherwise it hurts your reputation as a researcher. Cancellation of conference presentation is less hurting than presenting something dubious.
Number two: Successful PhD students are those who worry little and write a lot.
I was told I always worry too much. Before worrying, just write up a draft! That's what he said.

It's true that I'm a guy who worries too much not only about research but also about everything about my life (as pretty much obvious for long-time readers of this blog). I know this just wastes my precious time. But that's my personality, difficult to change. As long as research is concerned, however, I MUST change this.


Anonymous said...

ganbatey-kuda-sai Masa-san!

anainymous said...

ganbatey-kuda-sai Masa-san!

Masayuki said...

I don't know who you are, but thanks a lot!


(For those of you who don't get the meaning of "ganbatey-kud-sai", this is a Japanese phrase for "hang in there." You can use this phrase when you want to cheer up somebody.)

Linus said...

I suffer form same problem. Its fear of failure. We have to just charge sometimes... and we charge enough we get success!