Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Presentation as an Economist

My presentation at EC501 Work-in-progress Seminar, where econ PhD students at LSE present their work in front of other PhD students plus two professors in charge of running this seminar.

It went well in the sense that I got loads of constructive comments, especially from Robin. It didn't go well in the sense that the way I organised my presentation confused the audience a lot. Shame on me...

But I learned a couple of things. Number one: doing research while thinking of how I will deliver my work to seminar participants improves my productivity a lot. Number two: I don't need to be afraid of talking rubbish. The stuff you're talking at a seminar is not the final product. If it's rubbish, the audience suggest the way to improve its quality. Talking lots, getting as many feedbacks as possible, and use them to improve your work. That's the way to do research.

So I took an offer from Tim to present my work at Konstanz meeting of the Polarization and Conflict research project. That'll be exciting!

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