Friday, January 07, 2005

I Miss Tokyo, As Always When I Leave There

So I'm back in London now after a more than 12 hour flight. Once unpacking my luggage, I can't do anything but missing Tokyo...

The last breakfast in Tokyo was nanakusa-gayu, rice gruel with seven spring herbs, symbolising that New Year's season was now over.

After checking in at Narita Airport, I bought Gogo-no Kocha Royal, bottled milk tea (500ml for 150 yen or 75p), and Kara-age kun, deep-fried breaded chicken (8 pieces for 210 yen or 1.05 UK pounds), at a Lawson convenience store, and sat down at a table in the observation deck on the 5th floor of Terminal 1, sunbathing in the winter sunshine. Everything I was doing right now would be impossible in London.

I miss Tokyo a lot. This is not surprising at all. That was why I didn't want to go back to Tokyo before leaving London. That was why I couldn't feel happy about staying in Tokyo initially. I was so much scared of missing Tokyo when coming back to London. Plus, now I don't feel comfortable with speaking in English. Everything as expected.

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