Saturday, April 12, 2003

My Friends in Kansai Area

Without falling asleep last night, I say goodbye to Naomi-san, Tory-san, and Toshi-san in the morning in Kobe and take a railway to Kyoto. There I meet Tororin. We have lunch at Scorpione (they serve Italian cuisine at a Japanese traditional house - a wicked combination), visit the Shoren-in temple (it has a really nice garden - a must-see when you visit Kyoto), then walk through Maruyama Park to see cherry blossoms and eat takoyaki (octopus balls) at a stall.

I really enjoy having a chat with Tororin. I'm joking all the time, which is very rare for me.

In the evening I have a dinner with Tsuchida-kun at Sol Club Varadero (a Cuban restaurant) in Osaka. Why Cuban cuisine in Japan? 'Cause we met each other on the flight from Japan to Cuba three years ago! The food this restaurant serves is not Cuban. It's rather Spanish or Mexican. But the interior is incredibly Cuban.

Then he drives me with his super-car (wow!) to his favorite bar. I have four shots of tequila, which is very rare for me as I'm not a hard drinker.

I go back to Tokyo by night coach. I enjoy my two-day stay in Kansai. I'm finally able to feel relaxed, which was not possible in London or Tokyo.

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