Sunday, March 30, 2003

Shimokitazawa - okonomiyaki

Go and see Kondo-san's live performance at Shimokitazawa Club 251. She looks cool while she's drumming. I like seeing a woman who's doing what she really likes.

After the performance, I eat okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) for lunch with Kanaya-kun at Kadomae (its review in English). As I can't cook okonomiyaki myself (this is because my mom's okonomiyaki is not tasty so I don't feel like learning how to cook it from her), it's a good opportunity to have one. If you pay just 800 yen (4 British pounds, 6.65 US dollars), you'll be full and satisfied with the taste. This is totally impossible in London.

Then I go to the Marui department store at Shibuya. This department store specialises in young casual wear and it's been a place to go for me to buy fashionable clothes. I'm amazed at seeing lots of nice menswear there. This is impossible at menswear stores in London. I've never ever had an experience of wondering which clothes I should choose to buy in London. Here in Tokyo, I've got lots of clothes I want to buy. I can't believe such a huge difference between Tokyo and London. In London, shopping around is just an agony. In Tokyo, shopping is a fun!

Then I go to the Tower Records Shibuya Branch. There I find out the title and artist of the reggae tune I like:

Wayne Wonder - "No Letting Go"
First I like the track (called "riddim" in Jamaica) itself. I get to know this riddim is called "Diwari". Many DJs in Jamaica sing versions of Diwari. But Wayne Wonder's song is the best. His voice is smooth and cosy.

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