Friday, March 28, 2003

Club Harlem

Plan a trip to Cambodia. There are many flight routes from Tokyo to Cambodia as there's no direct flight. Via Bangkok, via Ho Chi Minh City, via Singapore, and via Kuala Lumpur. Which one is the best choice for me?

Meet Takeshi in the evening. Go to Bobby's Cafe (one of my favorite restaurants/bars in Tokyo) at Shibuya. Talk about many things.

Then go clubbing at Club Harlem, Tokyo's no.1 hiphop club (If you like hiphop and happen to be in Tokyo, this is the place to go. Friday is the best night). I really enjoy music and dancing tonight. DJs play the hiphop and reggae tunes that I'm familiar with by listening to BBC Radio 1 programmes. DJ Kaori, a Japanese female hiphop DJ in New York, happens to be in the house.

Also one thing makes me happy a little bit tonight. While one of my favorite tunes (Joe Budden - "Pump It Up") is being played and I'm enthusiastically dancing, a guy in the club said to me like "Your dancing is cool!" He looks like a dancer, or at least one of those guys who practice break-dancing a lot. I'm not a dancer. I haven't learned how to dance. I just let my body follow the rhythm. I never try to impress other people by dancing. Still, someone who's sort of a professional dancer praises my dance. That's wonderful, isn't it?

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